Zymox Oratene Water Additive, 4 oz


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Oratene Brushless Water Additive – 8 oz. Trusted by Veterinarians. A healthy mouth means a healthier pet! Oratene Brushless Water Additive is a flavorless concentrate added to daily drinking water for pets of any species and age. It provides a safe, healthy way to conveniently clean pet’s teeth, freshen breath, kill germs and remove plaque biofilm without brushing. Especially beneficial to those pets on certain medications or those in need of gentle, non-drying everyday oral care. Oratene contains two patented, natural enzyme systems based on 35 years of enzyme technology that inhibit odor-causing bacteria and remove plaque biofilm. The gentle formulation soothes and protects tissues while relieving symptoms such as; dryness, irritation, inflammation and redness. For best results, use daily. This product is proudly made in a USA FDA-approved GMP facility. Animal Cruelty-Free and is never tested on animals.

  • – Brushless oral care
  • – Reduce harmful odor-causing bacteria, fungus and yeast
  • – Dissolve plaque biofilm
  • – Beneficial to pets on medications that can cause Dry Mouth


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