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Easily move your dog’s tags from collar to collar with the Kurgo Wander Dog Tag Clip. No more broken finger nails, pinched fingertips or unidentified pets! Instead, this clip is spring loaded to easily attach to any D-ring, and the bottom is solid to hold the tags securely in place. It’s perfect for dogs who frequently switch gear, allowing you switch from a waterproof collar for the lake to a hiking harness for the trail—as well as fashion-conscious pups who just like to switch up their look. Never let your dog go unidentified!

Key Benefits

  • Allows you to quickly move ID tags from collar to collar, as well as harnesses and packs.
  • Great for dogs who frequently switch collars to keep then identified.
  • Top hooks onto any D-ring and the solid bottom ring holds the tags.
  • Sturdy steel construction is designed to prevent accidental openings.
  • Holds up to 45 pounds and then breaks away to prevent choking. Measures 29mm x 16mm.


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