Silver Honey Hot Spot & Wound Care Antimicrobial Ointment for Pets, 2 oz. 2/25


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Silver Honey™ Hot Spot & Wound Care Antimicrobial Ointment is the first formula to combine MicroSilver™ BG with the natural potency of Manuka Honey. It offers wound care for dogs in a gentle formula that’s potent and unyielding against bacteria. The unique, innovative formula works to moisturize the area as it protects the natural microbiome of the skin. It is proven to stop 99.9% of bacteria right away, promoting rapid healing. It is useful in treating wounds, scratches, burns, fungus, rashes, abrasions, hot spots, sores, and cuts. This formula offers the longest-lasting moisturization and coverage, making it ideal for the treatment of skin tissue or wounds with long-term scabbing. It is incredibly beneficial in softening persistent, older scabs, aiding in removal as it promotes healing of the wound underneath.


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