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Rawz Beef & Beef Liver 12.5oz 2/25


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RAWZ 96% Beef & Beef Liver Dog Food Can is a premium blend of beef, beef liver, and fenkugreek seeds to craft a food free of guar gum, xantham gum, cassia gum, and manufactured fillers for optimal hydration. Use as a mixer for RAWZ dry food.

Like all RAWZ foods, RAWZ 96% Beef & Beef Liver Dog Food Can is made with:
Whole meat proteins instead of rendered meals for a naturally occurring protein source
Grain-free, potato-free, and meal-free ingredients for a reduced glycemic load
Human-grade, gently cooked, and minimally processed ingredients
Natural juices cooked in smaller batches
With RAWZ, you can feel confident in feeding your pet meal-free food with a high Protein Efficiency Ratio (P.E.R), reduced carbohydrates, and lower fat that is digestible and nutritionally complete for pets of all life stages. Made in the USA, RAWZ perfectly complements a raw diet.


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