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NutriSource Adult Chicken and Rice 5LBS


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Nutritional Profile Overview of NutriSource Chicken and Rice Dog Food
Minimally processed and packed with protein sourced from natural chicken and chicken products, NutriSource Adult Chicken and Rice also includes numerous vitamins and minerals in its formula. Combined with its optimal ratio of fat to carbs, this recipe provides your dog with the perfect combination of flavor and nutrition.
Is NutriSource Chicken and Rice Gain Free?
NutriSource dog food chicken and rice recipe contains rice, barley, and oatmeal. Yes, there are grains in this specific recipe by NutriSource. While there is a lot of hype around grain-free diets for dogs, most dogs can tolerate grains quite well.

Additionally, grains are an excellent source of high-quality nutrients including antioxidants, carbohydrates, and fat. Dogs are natural omnivores, which means they need to be eating a balanced diet that’s strong in carbs, fats, and protein. Grains provide a great way for your dog to meet their nutritional needs.

Perfect for all breeds, NutriSource Adult Chicken and Rice Dry Dog Food utilizes a holistic, easy to digest recipe for ideal health maintenance. Using humanely certified chicken along with other holistic ingredients, this recipe provides perfectly balanced nutrition your pup is sure to love! Nutrisource recipes always include their Good 4 Life system with ingredients that work together to promote gut health often showing health improvements within the first feeding!


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