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Made from scratch on our in-house micro-bottling line – we maintain full control of our oil quality. We use the best premium NASC certified US-grown hemp extract and the highest quality salmon and plant-based oils blended in the perfect ratios to optimize the long-term effects of cannabinoids like CBD.
Plus, two additional powerful antioxidants sustain and enhance the entourage effect and take this oil to the next level:
Optimized CoQ10: to promote a healthy heart and nervous system
Black Pepper fruit: to increasing the longevity and absorption of CBD in your four-legged friend
This is the most well-rounded CBD tincture available for both cats and dogs you can find, and we’ve even got the studies to prove it.
As an added bonus, you’ll even find detectable amounts of CBN, CBG, and CBC, and other terpenes providing your pet with the only full-plant, minimally processed hemp extract on the market.
Organic Ingredients
We’ve folded our premium hemp oil extract into proprietary blends of fat optimized for complete absorption and whole body metabolism.
Premium Hemp Oil Extract
Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil
Full Spectrum Black Pepper Extract
The Perfect Dosage: How Much Should I Give My Pet
Every pet has different needs when it comes to CBD. Factors like your pet’s weight, metabolism, and situation all inform how much CBD your pet may need. Some experimentation to find the right serving size for your pet is normal.
Our recommendation? Start with 2mg of CBD per 10lbs of dog weight. Serve at least 30 minutes prior to mealtime and repeat every 8 hours, or as needed. You should expect to see your pet responding to CBD within 30 – 45 minutes.
Every tincture is coupled with medical-grade calibrated droppers for precise measurement and consistency of dosing.
You can absolutely adjust the serving size of any of our products to meet your dog’s needs. Here’s how:
Give CBD consistently for at least 3 days while you evaluate results.
If you do not notice a change in your pet’s demeanor, try an additional 1/2 serving and continue to adjust from there.
Pets in pain or with ongoing conditions usually benefit from larger servings of CBD on a regular basis.
Made with Treehouse CBD: Not all CBD is Created Equal
Austin and Kat takes a holistic approach to hemp extraction. We never use ultra-processed hemp oils as it uses harmful chemicals to remove all antioxidants except CBD. In the hemp plant you can find other antioxidants, besides CBD, such as CBG, CBN and another group called terpenes. Antioxidants work to remove free radicals which are stress-inducing toxins that damage organs and cause inflammation. Terpenes work alongside cannabinoids to remove free radicals and enhance the calming effects. Together, these naturally occurring cannabinoids help balance the stress of daily life and promote homeostasis.
We’re proud to partner with Treehouse, the first NASC certified hemp extractor. Known for their clean hemp extraction technology that avoids all dangerous chemicals Treehouse’s premium hemp extracts preserve the plant’s powerful inherent array of cannabinoids at consistent and reliable levels.


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